CityBugs.am is a social platform developed to raise socially critical issues.

  • where anyone has a real opportunity to raise and bring attention to daily issues of their communities
  • for suggestions and innovative ideas to increase public participation, decision making and participatory problem solving
  • is a platform where you can make a suggestion and track how the raised issue is solved

how it works ?

Registered users can easily report different social issues persistent in our communities. By simply using a mobile device or PC, users have the ability not only to report a bug but also give suggestions and participate in online discussions. The easiest way to report a bug or make a suggestion is to use Facebook profile or simply get registered with the system. After creating a bug they are filtered according categories and pinned on the Google dynamic maps. The respective governmental bodies carry further responsibility to eliminate the bugs.


We are a group of young dynamic people with diverse background and professionalism. We are different, we are alike, and we are a team who values where we live. We have changed our attitude toward our communities and life in general, and we want to help you in doing so!